Madelyn’s Diner opened October 10th, 1985 by my mother, Madelyn McCarty. She had been employed by several restuarants as a waitress, in fact her first job when she was a teen. was with A&W as a carhop.

Growing up our family always had a great interest and love of food, good food. Madelyn felt there was a need at that time for a casual restaurant that served fairly priced, good food to all people.

The Diner was first located across the street, from our present location in a small mini-mall, “right across the street from the Beer Store”, as we advertised. In that first location business started building, parking was limited and two years to the day, the diner was moved to our present location, with plenty of parking, which is extremely important to us, as we are on the edge of town, if the food is good the people will drive.

I, Krista Moore, took over the reins of the Diner, from my mother, in April 2013, after my mom indicated she was getting a “bit” tired, so now I am carrying on the tradition of the 4am wake up call to get the diner up and running each day. We are open Tuesday to Saturday from 7am to 8pm, Sunday from 8:00am to 1:30pm, for breakfast and fish ‘n’ chips only, closed on Monday, so we have time to re-charge for the next week, and so I can organize my husband and 5 children for the upcoming week as well.

We have an open kitchen, so the first faces you see when you walk in the door, are the kitchen crew, who I might add are quite attractive. This has been a great feature of the diner since the beginning, we are the able to great our customers by name, making them feel as though they are part of the family. We have a large prep area in the back where a lot of the magic happens that arrives on your plates on a daily basis, from hand cut french fries, house-made coleslaw, hand cut veggies and we can never forget the magical pastry for our house-made pies and award winning buttertarts.

Our seating capacity is from October to May is approximately 90, but swells to 120 during the warmer months when we open our patio. We have a little of something to please everyone. Our clientelle range from our faithful locals to customers from far and wide that visit our great city for the theatre. Our American friends, love our locally sourced Pemeal Bacon and eggs, a “Canadian” treat, along with many of our other breakfast options.

We work together, as a family and are proud to have many long-term employees, who although may not be related by blood, definitely are kindered spirits, in the love of good food and fun. Our atmosphere is casual and light-hearted, a welcome retreat for our customers. Jokes and banter fly from 7am to 8pm, customers and staff alike.

Our mission statement, “It’s not about making money … it’s about feedling the world, with good food, good service and good fun.”


We are proud to offer a wide range of Gluten Free options for our customers. All of our local meats are gluten free, burgers, farmers sausage, honey garlic sausage, steaks, chicken breats, turkey. We also stock gluten free bread and buns!!

Contact Info

Madelyn's Diner
377 Huron Street
Stratford, Ontario
N5A 5T6

Tel: 519-273-5296
Email: madelynsdiner@gmail.com